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Cancer can be fought — and won: Dr Atul Sharma

New Delhi: With new breakthroughs in medicine and early diagnosis, any type of cancer can be overcome, Dr Atul Sharma, assistant professor in the department of medical oncology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), said on Wednesday.

“Many patients worry unnecessarily and they are carried away by cancer myths,” said Dr Atul Sharma.

Dr Atul Sharma said nearly 80 per cent of cancer patients “think they are in the gallows of death. But with new breakthroughs in medical field and with early diagnosis, any type of cancer can be prevented.”

Dr Sharma said that while some cancers were genetic, “this does not mean that one will definitely develop cancer because of their heredity”.

Breast cancer and ovarian cancer can be passed down genetically.

“If a parent has these cancers, the cancer gene may be passed to their child. If a child inherits the gene it raises the likelihood of developing cancer, but this happens rarely,” Dr Atul Sharma said.

According to AIIMS, India gets about nine lakh new cancer cases and four lakh deaths occur annually due to the disease. There are about 30 lakh cancer patients in India at any point of time. [Source: IANS]

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  1. Ajay Pathak Ajay Pathak Monday, July 22, 2019

    Good Morning sir
    This is Ajay Pathak , i am suffering from mouth thrush from 1 week , i did some research online and found symptoms are mouth cancer , how can i reach you for consultation , once i also visited your office in Aiims but was unable to meet you because of Crowd present there
    Your reply will be helpful/ Lifesaving for me! Please revert back. ….

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