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Telrad Tech becomes MSP for Cisco’s HealthPresence telemedicine platform in India

Washington: Telrad Tech, the technology arm of Teleradiology Solutions, has become the managed service provider (MSP) for Cisco’s HealthPresence telemedicine platform in India.

Dr Sunita Maheshwari

Dr Sunita Maheshwari, a paediatric cardiologist and chief dreamer of Teleradiology Solutions, helped operationalise a telemedicine centre in a low-income district in Raichur, North Karnataka using Cisco’s technology.

Telemedicine consultations have been provided by Telerad RxDx doctors to villages in Raichur like Gillesgur and Bichali since October 2010.

According to Dr Maheshwari, the use of technology is helping remote areas of Asia leapfrog into high tech healthcare. A shortage of doctors in rural areas and a need for specialist consultation is leading to a real need for telemedicine deployment in India.

Ricky Bedi

In addition to rural telemedicine, Cisco HealthPresence could benefit companies as well. A telemedicine setup in a corporate setting could be a value add and a time saver for employees who no longer need to commute to see a doctor.

“There is a need for a telemedicine product with good video quality which works on low bandwidth and where the doctor can be anywhere,” says Ricky Bedi, CEO of Telrad Tech who is managing the IT deployment of the telemedicine for Dr Maheshwari’s group.

In traditional telemedicine setups the doctor needs to be at the telemedicine headquarter. In today’s busy world, tying a doctor to a room becomes a challenge. In Cisco’s HealthPresence version 2.0, the doctor can be located anywhere and can access the ‘tele’ patient on his laptop using a Wi-Fi device.

“Doctor anytime anywhere is a huge advantage of HealthPresence, which is why we are excited to be the managed service provider for Cisco in India and this part of the world,” adds Bedi.

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