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Legal aspects of allopathic hospitals employing AYUSH practitioners

Dr M C Gupta, a doctor turned lawyer, provides medico-legal opinion on the legal aspects of modern medicine / allopathic hospitals employing AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) practitioners.

Dr M C Gupta

Dr Gupta holds an MD (Medicine) from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), an LLB from Delhi University and LLM from Kurukshetra University. He has served as a faculty member at AIIMS for 18 years and as professor and dean at the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare. Currently, Dr Gupta is a practising advocate with health and medical law as the area of special interest. He is a member of the Supreme Court Bar Association and Indian Law Institute.

You Ask:

Are there any laws or guidelines with respect to the role of practitioners of Indian systems of medicine employed as medical officers in hospitals which deal only and solely with allopathic medicine? What is the status in the event of an error? — Dr Gladstone D’Costa, Voluntary Health Association of Goa

Dr Gupta Comments:

1) The practice of employing AYUSH practitioners in hospitals is common in many private hospitals. This is illegal and has been commented as follows by the National Consumer Commission:

“When a patient is admitted in a hospital, it is done with the belief that the treatment given in the hospital is being given by qualified doctors under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. It is not within the knowledge of the relatives of the patient that the patient is being treated by a Unani specialist. We hold that it is clear deficiency in service and negligence by the hospital for leaving the patient in the hands of a Unani doctor…


As laid down by the Apex Court in the above case (Jacob Mathew Vs. State of Punjab), we feel it is high time that hospital authorities realize that the practice of employing non-medical practitioners such as Doctors specialized in Unani system and who do not possess the required skill and competence to give allopathic treatment and to let an emergency patient be treated in their hands is a gross negligence.”

In Prof P N Thakur Vs. Hans Charitable Hospital, NC, 16 August 2007

2) This practice is employed by private hospitals to cut down costs because AYUSH graduates are available at a much less salary than MBBS graduates. The hospital owners naturally want to cut down expenses and that is the right of anyone who owns a business. However, no one is allowed to break law to maximise business returns.

As is clear from the NC decision quoted above, it is illegal on the part of hospital owners to employ AYUSH graduates under the guise of modern medicine graduates. Public needs to be cautious and vigilant against such hospitals. All concerned should complain against such hospitals in the interest of cleaning the medical profession. This is a material issue in a writ petition currently pending before the Delhi High Court against a corporate hospital owned by a senior IMA official.

3) While the fault lies with the owners of the hospital, blame must also be shared by the government which licenses and controls private hospitals and collects taxes from them and grants various favours to them or imposes sanctions upon them as it pleases but never bothers to check the malpractice of employing AYUSH practitioners in a clandestine manner.

Such malpractice is a clear reason in support of the Clinical Establishments Act, 2010, which aims at regulating clinical establishments. However, the government and the parliament made a mockery of this Act by imposing upon all private clinics and nursing homes a statutory duty to treat all emergency patients free of cost in contravention of the report of the Law Commission submitted as ‘201st Report On Emergency Medical Care To Victims Of Accidents And During Emergency Medical Condition And Women Under Labour (Draft Model Law Annexed), August 2006,” which contained detailed provisions for creating a state funded compensatory mechanism for compensating the medical profession for providing such statutorily mandated services.

The Health Minister Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad tried to be smarter by half and tried to hoodwink the medical profession, forcing them to file a writ petition against the Act in Madras High Court, which admitted the petition. In this way, the government itself botched its own potentially sensible efforts.

4) The following actions can be taken against private hospitals employing AYUSH doctors:

a) When patients choose a hospital, they should choose the one, which gives a written guarantee that it does not employ any AYUSH graduate. They should also prefer a hospital where all doctors carry a name badge showing in brief the academic qualifications like MBBS, MD or DM etc.

b) Complaint against the erring hospital can be made to the consumer courts and the state health department. If the state has a CEA, complaint can be made to the CEA authorities also. In an appropriate situation, a PIL may also be filed.

5) If the court awards compensation on a complaint where it has been alleged and proven that the treatment was given by an AYUSH doctor, it is likely that the award will be payable, fully or mainly, by the hospital and not the AYUSH practitioner concerned.


  1. Dr. Sandeep Khetarpal Dr. Sandeep Khetarpal Thursday, August 8, 2019

    Dear Sir,

    Need to get idea, Can BHMS with MBA doctor can apply for position of Medical superintendent for big tertiary care Hospital (like Max, Fortis or Medanta).

  2. Sandeep Sandeep Sunday, April 15, 2018

    Plz tell that does a BAMS practioner,can open a 10-12beded nursing home,in a town,and full fledgely practising allopathy,using cheap generic medicines,parallely running,pharma business,allopathy,does he is legally eligible for this, sir

  3. Dr jyoti Dr jyoti Friday, April 6, 2018

    Sir i am a pg ayurveda student and has been releived from college after thesis submission and final year examination form has been filled by college but till date my final exam has not been conducted by university
    Is i am eligible for the post of rmo on the basis of bams in any private ayu college
    Because i am at home no work no salary and is hard to survive like this and god knows when will be the universty will held exam almost 6 mths has been over sir plz reply soon

  4. minaki pegu minaki pegu Thursday, May 18, 2017

    I really appreciate your comment

  5. Ramesh Ramesh Sunday, February 26, 2017

    Its our country bhailog. Medical bihag main toh aise ki taise kar rakha hain . Yaha toh MCI WALLEY SOUCHTEY HAIN KI HUMLOG H HAIN HERO INDIA KA… BAKI TOH BEKAR H HAIN .
    Avi toh yaar india main bahut kuch aagya W.H.O ( UNITED NATION PEACE UNIVERSITY )

    AUR DUSRA TARAF EK ST/SC larka jaha din raat so ke v ..maaze masti mar ke v BAS 160 MARKS aajayeh kaise na kaise ..bas MBBS SEAT MIL GAYA. AUR KIYA CHAHIYEH BHAILOG.. MCI WALLEY TOH YEH SAB DIKHTA H NEHI HAIN.

  6. Ramesh Ramesh Sunday, February 26, 2017

    Its our country bhailog. Medical bihag main toh aise ki taise kar rakha hain . Yaha toh MCI WALLEY SOUCHTEY HAIN KI HUMLOG H HAIN HERO INDIA KA BAKI TOH BEKAR H HAIN .
    Avi toh yaar india main bahut kuch aagya W.H.O ( UNITED NATION PEACE UNIVERSITY )

    AUR DUSRA TARAF EK ST/SC larka jaha din raat so ke v ..maaze masti mar ke v BAS 160 MARKS aajayeh kaise na kaise ..bas MBBS SEAT MIL GAYA. AUR KIYA CHAHIYEH BHAILOG.. MCI WALLEY TOH YEH SAB DIKHTA H NEHI HAIN.

  7. Divya Divya Sunday, January 8, 2017

    Dear Dr. M.C. Gupta,
    The total no. of allopathic doctors and nurses in the country lags behind the WHO benchmark of 2.5 doctors per 1,000 population, at 1.9 per 1000 population. The main motto is to provide “Health for all”. Well, with this kind of thought process, the healthforce in India will always be disintegrated and main goal could never be achieved. 90% of patients in rural areas don’t have even access to basic healthcare amenities.
    We have a very less supply of Allopathic doctors who have actually passed the tough entrance exam, about half of them have studied from China, Russia, private colleges in India and we all are aware of the fact of scams of CBSE paper leak. We are also aware of the fact that only this year CBSE has conducted common NEET exam. Because of this less supply, all allopathic doctors become heavenly god on earth in India irrespective of the college they have studied from, knowledge they have gained, skill set they have because they have got all the superpowers.
    On the contrary the AYUSH practitioners who were not smart enough after XII to buy the answer sheets, or to pay heavy private colleges donations, or to spend money on studying from China/ Russia are defamed by saying they could only assist. They have spent 6 years on their degree. They are the ones who tap the rural front of India, only have knowledge regarding allopathic medicines as per their syllabi and prescribe those only.
    I do not know the reason why such competent Doctors having rarest of the rare skillsets consider AYUSH practioners their rivals. Please conduct studies on How much harm these practitioners have caused to the health of the country if you consider them not having knowledge. If you find huge fault, then do something to get these AYUSH colleges closed or get these standardised so that no one in the country face such a humiliation.
    With such a skillset, you must have a lateral thinking aptitude and consider all the facts.

  8. sushil sushil Wednesday, December 14, 2016

    sir wanted to know that after doing bams from private college can i do internship from any goverment hospital of same state?if yes then its necessary to get noc from the same college ? and if the college does not give noc what can be done further? its very urgent plz reply related this ?

  9. Siva Siva Tuesday, November 22, 2016

    Pls don’t forget that in allopathy we don’t have slokas. Please get and full idea about that system of medicine .then you comment .hope every one have got some idea I think so…

  10. Siva Siva Tuesday, November 22, 2016

    Ayurvedic homeopathy unani doctors .probably they don’t have adequate knowledge or confident in there concerned subjects/medicine to practice. That’s why you jump to allopathy medicines. Dont jump pls stick what you read. And create trouble for your family and play with the public life.

  11. Siva Siva Tuesday, November 22, 2016

    I think long back there was a big family children’s are about 5 or more so do any one gives birth to that many children’s. Stop thinking of susrath charaka Hakim. Lot of changes have happen since there time. Do you deliver your wife or your sister at any dayas. Or else you take it to her any good equiped center .i respect on susrath charaka.. But we need more precise treatment. Any worker who construct a home will he become civil engineer. If yes then every one should stop reading/studying..its shame to hear such comment. Respect law. One who don’t respect law better leave this country.

  12. Siva Siva Tuesday, November 22, 2016

    Good to see comments from both side.few thing I want to ask you that why govt is giving permission to such sub standard it they have interest in earning money 2) why they are not in the position to implement right to equality in entering jobs and in qualifying marks for the entrances .do they want to play with the life’s. 3)one who doesn’t obey the court law. Do them self want to take law and order in there hands..why don’t these practioners practice concerned medicines they studied. Is it because you lack knowledge in the medicine you studied. Or they are found in earning money keeping service aside. If you don’t have any interest in Ayurveda and homeopathy you studied. Then why did you join in Ayurveda and homeopathy unani and write allopathy medicines .one who don’t respect the law may not respect the society and the family. Stop criticizing one over other start concentrate on the law passed by the court. Be professional .some are telling Abt liv52..Wat you are doing why don’t you approach court and put a PIL. Are you afraid of it .

  13. Neshat Karim Shaukat Neshat Karim Shaukat Monday, August 15, 2016

    Dear All,

    I am a assistant professor in an govt. engineering college….i am not a doctor as you are r in any pathy but i support our indian system.. boss to be a doctor no need any degree …only required knowledge… in ancient world there no degree does it means that they fool in many name you all know like Charak, Hakim Luqman they dont have any degree like you all….dont let down Indian medicine system ..these are powerfull… the disease like Hepatitis B no cure in Allopathic but in Unani and Ayurved have the powerful medicine to cure the…mat lado bhai.. Jalo mat Sangharsh karo taaki hum apne Desh ko aage badha sake.. Jai Hind…..

    Neshat Karim Shaukat

    • Ravish Ravish Sunday, June 23, 2019

      Mere laal, there was no engineers also in the ancient world fir bhi Egypt me pyramids bane. It doesnt mean that any roadside labourer can be appointed as an assistant professor in govt engineering college. Apna gyan apni class me banto.

  14. David David Thursday, August 4, 2016

    What’s the point in throwing stones upon each other. Provided the qualification is a medical degree of four and half years and one year houseman-ship where one is well equipped with proper diagnosis what is the big things occupying each other of your things that are made for service to humanity?????? Learn to dedicate friends especially and particularly doctors are made for saving a life whatever the tools that you used should not be a big issue. Well, so called AYUSH doctors are not allowed to go for Surgeries (can’t be a Surgeon or a Gynaecologist or what not) that is more than enough to look down an ALLOPATH towards AYUSH. Too much conzussss is tooo bad.

  15. Dr.Veena.C Dr.Veena.C Thursday, April 21, 2016

    The system of medical education in India needs to be revisited. In Foreign countries the specializtions are taken after Under graduate Medical degree.Specialization of Homoeopathy/Herbal medicine/Chinese meidcines are offered only after basic medical education where the medicos are trained well in modern medicine and emergency care. The above said system of medical education is mandatory for Indian society especially as there are many rural areas with less medical facilities and faculties. To provide proper medical care across the country this would be the better solution. AYUSH should be a speacility and modern medicine should be the basic or else there should be specializations in UG as it is in Engineering stream where common subject should be modern medicine,specializations will have Ayurvedic/homoeopathic/Siddha/Naturopathy subjects etc., Not only that there is no holistic approach in modern medicine now-a-days the concept of Family doctor should fall in practise soon.Otherwise human health will get dissected to specialized departments and never as a whole health.

  16. Dr Sudhir Ketkar Dr Sudhir Ketkar Thursday, December 10, 2015

    Dear Sir (s),
    Plenty has been spoken on the issue. I do not know why is the issue cropping up? It is plain and simple that a practitioner qualified in a system ought to practice only within the framework of that system. Practicing means assessing the patient and prescribing medication with belief that the prescription meets the requirement of patients. It is up to patient who they chose, but a non-allopathic doctor prescribing allopathic medicines is WRONG and ILLEGAL amounting to deceiving the patient.

    Many hospitals in India are employing doctors graduated in other systems of medicines other than allopathic. The reason is not that they need to pay less. It is simply because MBBS doctors are NOT AVAILABLE. as they rightly chose to pursue higher studies in the field.

    The hospitals employing doctors from other streams employ them for assessing the patients and documenting rather than treating and monitoring to inform the consultants suitably for ordering appropriate patient care. They just follow guidelines given by the qualified consultants in regards to reassessment and monitoring.

    There is also a maharashtra act which stipulates that BAMS doctors can be employed in allopathic hospitals for the tasks to the extent they are trained for.

    So in private hospitals where the patients are treated on the orders of qualified consultants only and non-allopathic doctors are utilised for monitoring and assessing the patients. Is there any thing wrong in this?

    Lastly some BAMS/BHMS doctors with experience of working in hospitals proove themselves much better in assessing the patient and even in emergencies are able to entubate patient as compared to few fresh MBBS doctors who are absolutely haphazard in history taking and incapable of performing bedside procedures. How do we evaluate performance of such doctors?

    Secondly can an ACT which has statutory standing be overridden by regulatroy body?

  17. zafar zafar Wednesday, December 9, 2015

    Private doctors are appointing ayush graduates only to save money.
    It is evident when they appoint non qualified nurses and other para medical staffs too.

    Today IMA doctors are most greedy and un ethical.

  18. Nadeem Ahmad Nadeem Ahmad Wednesday, November 25, 2015

    Hello All.

    Can a BUMS doctor legally rights to rum there proparitery Hospital….?

    Plz answer me…

  19. Dr.KaruppasamyBHMS Dr.KaruppasamyBHMS Thursday, October 8, 2015

    thats correc.sir

  20. Dr Syed Noor Bukhari Dr Syed Noor Bukhari Saturday, August 8, 2015

    Dr Gupta_Gone are the days when MBBS doctors were considering themselves as something “special “than I. S.M doctors. NOW the trend is changing very fast.we about 300 lSM graduates were appointed in the year 2001 in J & K state against the posts of MBBS doctors as medical Officers and were given free hand in practising ALLOPATHIC medicines to the patients by the Govt. We served there for 12 Years till our services were regularised and we were transferred back to our native places in kashmir in our parent deptt. Of ISM.Now we have been barred from practising Allopathic. Then wt.were we doing through all these years.Govt. utilises our services according to what suits their interests. Apex court has already considered us at par with MBBS docs. We only demand equal infrastructure & equal opportunities and for that matter equal budget allocation from centre & state governments.

  21. Rajesh Rajesh Saturday, July 18, 2015

    Is there a short term course in “medical law” in India (distance learning)

  22. Dr niraj sharma Dr niraj sharma Saturday, July 18, 2015

    Sahi kaha most of MBBS doctors paise deke or reservation ke dam pe seat le lete.wo seat leave Kate tab jake koi mehanti ladke ko seat milta h .tab wo ladka bams ya bhms let’s h or MBBS se bhi best doctor banta h.sare MBBS best nai note h .all are equal in their field bams bhms or MBBS Sab me 5and half years latgte it

    • Ravish Ravish Sunday, June 23, 2019

      Mere laal. Agar yahi baat thi to allopathy kyu tum to NASA me bhi kaam kar sakte ho. Quacks and jholachhap can work anywhere in the world??

  23. Santana Santana Wednesday, July 8, 2015

    Sir I want to do bhms from a govt college..but after that Is there any chance of getting govt job in West bengal????? I got rank 410 in jenparh.

  24. dr.m das dr.m das Wednesday, May 13, 2015

    Dear Dr.Sampat
    I have some points to make regarding AYUSH doctors.
    According to you most of the AYUSH doctors are failures who joined Alternative ways to get the degree of ‘Dr.’But let me clear you that many students chose Ayush as their career as first choice not as a means to become doctor at any cost.
    Regarding the posting of Ayush doctors in some rural areas let me make it clear that Ayush is being promoted to such an extent that almost all peripheral hospitals have a few Ayush expert so that people are not restricted to one type of treatment. Moreover no Ayush doctor practices allopathic medicine in their private clinics except for those who are quacks.
    Ayush system have full fledged colleges,universities etc where post graduates courses are being run and not only Indian but a lot of forgein students pursue courses in Ayush system. Now isn’t it an irony that doctors like you who are Indian by birth don’t respect the Indian systems of medicine but foreigners do?
    I have just one question for doctors like you that why can’t you people respect Ayush system for what it is instead of trying to insult and pass degratory remarks about Ayush doctors ? Yes I too agree that some Ayush doctors may like to pose as allopathic doctors but is it right to blame or insult the entire system just because of a few fools ??

    • Ravish Ravish Sunday, June 23, 2019

      Sir we are blaming all ayush quacks as 99% of them are involved in quackery. We dont respect ayush . Even ayush doctors also dont respect ayush . They throw their ayush knowledge in garbage and joine allopathy

  25. Raja Raja Monday, April 27, 2015

    The biggest problem with Ayush doctors are – to earn their livelihood. Allopath doctors used to earn money like anything, but Ayush doctor are not even able to earn sufficient money for their living needs. This is the biggest problem that Ayush doctors are compelled to practice Allopath. We Indian wants to get treated quickly. The outcome of the treatment should be immediate. Even for fever, cold, bodyache, headache etc. we never used to visit any doctor. We used to purchase combiflam or D-Cold or other common medicines or used to go to Pharmacy and used to take medicine from there as it would save the doctors fees of 100 or 200 rupees. So if we are getting treated in 50 rupees of medicine then why to go to doctors. Second, if Ayush doctor can get a consulting fee of 200 rupees for allopathy and 50 rupees for Ayush then why he will choose to practice Ayush. Even if he chooses to practice Ayush, number of patients are very less and medicines are costly. So for the betterment of Ayush practice the goverment has to plan something end to end. The medicine availability at low cost, promoting Ayush by giving compensation from government part etc. Only making law and its imposition will not help the society.

  26. Dr. Raman Arora Dr. Raman Arora Sunday, April 12, 2015

    Dear Dr. MC Gupta,
    Please clarify my doubts about Clinical Establishment Act :

    1. Does the act ensure that BAMS will not be able to use allopathy?

    Definition of Allopathic Hospital reads that AYUSH staff may be employed in the Allopathic Hospital (View Minimum Standards-Draft Minimum Standards-Allopathic-Hospital Level 1). Please clarify.

    2. District Registering Authority will have one of its members from a professional association like IMA or an association from AYUSH (not both). If it happens to be from AYUSH, how will it justify to control MBBS doctors ? (View FEQ, page 5 and 6).


  27. Dr.Kamal Roy Dr.Kamal Roy Saturday, April 4, 2015

    1st of all i want to say why fighting ??I am a b.h.m.s. dr.physicians mission is to cure in any condition.i think there must be 1 umbrella for all medicines.every system have merits and demerits.allopathy is not complete. It has limitation also.i think the battle is not by allopaths and others.actually medical system is captured and hi jacked by medicine companies.actually it is a total business either by proper or improper ways..and have a huge marketing.there millions of people are involved directly or these people never want that they are workless.they never imagine that they have no work.they never want there famalies float like river and spend days in they work either knowingly or unknowingly.but it is my humble request please conjoint these all medical system for the sake of more fight..ayush doctors must read pharma. It should be legalised and no more discrimination.train ayush doctors if they are capable.. Then m.c.i . Bring rules in india that diseases should be treated in rational way.those disease are best to cure in allopathy it should be treated in allopathically those diseases are best cured by homoeopathy or ayurvedically it should be strictly treated by those medicines..thank u……………..

  28. Dr Abdul Muqeeth Dr Abdul Muqeeth Thursday, March 19, 2015

    Send the GO.No of Ayush doctors practice allopathic system of medicine

  29. Dr Tejas Dr Tejas Monday, March 16, 2015

    If that’s so we will stop using allopathic drugs but first you should stop practicing surgery because it’s Sushruta’s invention…idiots

    • Ravish Ravish Sunday, June 23, 2019

      Ye sushruta kon hai dr sahab. Shayad wahi hai jo ghode ka baal bandhke piles girata hai

  30. Amolak Amolak Sunday, March 8, 2015

    hi sir cn i do bams and md after msc(cs)

  31. AJAYSANGOLE AJAYSANGOLE Saturday, February 14, 2015

    My family have recently undergone thru Fistula & Piles operation. the total cost worked out to Rs. 27550/-. I have claimed to Star Health ( My health insurance). They have denied my claim saying that Non allopathic doctor are not allowed to treat allopathic treatment.. As well as ayurvedhic Doctors are allowed to practice only ayurvedhic treatments and not alopathic treatments…

    Just because of this my money has stuck up with the Star Heath Insurance and they have denied to pay the claim.

  32. Dr. Ruhulamin Dr. Ruhulamin Tuesday, February 3, 2015

    Life is more important in the superpower country. These AYUSH doctors are not eligible to deal with allopathic medicines.

  33. Patil SB Patil SB Thursday, December 18, 2014

    A bridge course between BAMS & MBBS is presently required such that this Ambiguity will disappear and will be helpful to BAMS students without hindrance.

  34. Ghosh D Ghosh D Friday, December 5, 2014

    I understand there was a verdict from apex court restricting cross prescription for registered medical practitioner of allopathy discipline but medical practitioner of other discipline can prescribe alopathy medicine. Is that ruling still valid? If there is any change may we have the details. Thanks.

  35. reddy reddy Saturday, November 22, 2014

    you just fo try to practice yours

  36. Nikhil Nikhil Tuesday, November 4, 2014

    i really wish to have the definition of a “quack” frm you sir……..
    bams is no doubt an integrated course…..where we study Ayurveda and allopathy equally……..just pick up our syllabus u will find the difference between quacks and doctors……
    the main thing is that the allopaths never wish to see the doctor of some other system at the same level where he is…….
    no doubt a MBBS knows more than a BAMS etc abt allopathy….thats only because he just studies allopathy 5 and half years whereas we hav to study ayu and allo simultaneously in detail……
    and if a MBBS can do MD/MS in Ayurveda(at BHU),being with zero % of knowledge of ayu…….so why can’t a BAMS use modern drugs where its suitable to prescribe them for patient’s benifit and not thinking abt the type of drug and being trained and graduated with about 50% of modern syllabus(allopathic medicine and surgery)

    • Ravish Ravish Sunday, June 23, 2019

      Ayush doctors are quacks and a blott on modern medicine.

  37. dr.surinder dr.surinder Friday, October 24, 2014

    if u tell that bhms docter are quack..then what about mbbs

  38. DR.AJAY GAUTAM DR.AJAY GAUTAM Thursday, October 23, 2014

    After passing BHMS/BAMS/BUMS/BDS you can PG course in M.Sc in Medical (Emergency Medicine) and do allopathy practice .This course contains all type of allopathic medicine such as different departments (ICU,NICU,Gastro,trauma,surgery,med. etc ). and this PG degree awarded by university which is recognized by UGC. FOR any Query call me 8052055999

  39. babu hazarika babu hazarika Sunday, October 19, 2014

    Most of Allopathic medicine doctor has high leval gravity which is very difficult to general people to understand. they want to degrade other streem doctor

  40. ravendra ravendra Wednesday, October 15, 2014

    yes Dr. nakib m agree with u. N u r 100% true. we hv both type of knlg.

  41. DR. NEERAJ KUMAR DR. NEERAJ KUMAR Thursday, July 31, 2014

    BAMS doctors ko nosikhya mat mano, pehle india m MBBS ki seat to available karo students k liye MBBS seats h ni or bakwass par lage rehte h. govt. BAMS doctors pvt. MBBS doctors se acche hi h. students to doctor banene ke liye kuch to karenge.or banege to allopathic kya or koi medicene bhi chalegi na wo denge hi.
    patient ki jaan ka sawal h yaar. haar jagah MBBS doctor nahi milta unki shortness ko “BAMS” doctor hi pura karte h. nahi to india m ha ha kar mach jayega….think it seriously.

  42. vinayak vinayak Thursday, July 31, 2014

    There is a shortage of mbbs doctors in country lots of phc and chc centers are runnung
    by nurses or msw personal, mbbs doctors never compromise their luxury and hence phc
    centers remain vecant and govt. hiers ayush doctors. This is how it works.

    Every mbbs doctor always goes for PG for being md ms or dm this way there is a dangerous
    lake of medical officers.

    • Ravish Ravish Sunday, June 23, 2019

      This reason is not good enough for quackery and fraud with poor patients

  43. swarup swarup Sunday, July 13, 2014

    whats your opinion those are getting mbbs through sc ,st ,management kotha ?
    can you accuse them by the same language ?
    i think you have seen the dark side of every thing .
    why do the legal system of medicine equaly acting to all kind of doctors?

  44. manish kumar saini manish kumar saini Thursday, May 29, 2014

    Kya hamare liye job Thai kya I am manish Kumar slaini qualification DAN&P ayush bashing

  45. Dr Ritesh Singh Malik Dr Ritesh Singh Malik Wednesday, May 14, 2014

    Medical practice should not be dependent on Government jobs only. it is the interest and respect to the medicine which help a medical practitioner to reach to a bigger height of respect anmd honor.

  46. shuaib ali shuaib ali Friday, May 2, 2014

    I think these all totally ‘bakwas’..why different pathy fight to each other?allopathic graduate know that in pharmacology
    there lots of alkalloid they are used in allop. practice. an ayurvedic dr.knows about allopathy well but an allopathy dr not have any idea about ayurveda but they frequently prescribe ayurvedic drs. dont fight” nature se badaa koi dr. nahi ho sakta hai”

  47. prabhasiva prabhasiva Sunday, April 20, 2014

    wat abt those allopathy doctors who prescribe ayurvedic drugs ? do they know wat ingredients it contains. most of them even will not try to know. but yes, they defame ayurvedic or AYUSH system of medicines even when not knowing abt that system. the reason? survival. they want to show that they are most fittest. actually not worried about patients cure, they want to supress others and walk off like Gods in the crowd who think that only their system provides best. umpteen number of allopathy doctors prescribe ayurvedic drugs without even knowing one single drug in it. but after that they say this causes hazards . well, you people are defaming your countrys system od medicine. saluting foreigners.

  48. Dhanashri Dhanashri Tuesday, April 8, 2014

    I am BHMS.
    I have received letter to pay professional tax.
    I don’t have income to pay.
    I am not practicing currently as I got married and shifted to new palce.

  49. nikhil nikhil Thursday, March 27, 2014

    dear akshay first of all the modern drugs are the research product of biologist and other scientist
    and evolving science of biochemical but did you know who invent first sulfa drugs indian medicine system who is the father of surgery sushruta so by your laws you can not do surgeries as you are preventing ayush doctor using the advance version which they invent 2000 yrs ago so they can prevent you to do surgery because you cant even imagine sushrut how deeply he explained surgery even love and baily fail to do so please study and then comment

  50. Dr Jagan Mohan Dr Jagan Mohan Monday, March 24, 2014

    All the critics appeal.. make yourself free for a day and go through CCIM website.. then comment.

  51. swarup swarup Wednesday, February 19, 2014

    in mbbs homoeopathy medicine should be compusary in their syllabus ,because they will realise how safely disease is treated with out side effect comparing with heroic doses of allopathic medicine because there are several examples that mbbs after passing doing bhmas and practicing homoeopathy ,examle mbbs ,dcp , bhms practising homoeopathy in jalpaiguri sadar hospital ,west bengal .

  52. Pessimist Pessimist Tuesday, January 7, 2014

    If the non-MBBS above practitioners are inclined to practice allopathy, why don’t they out-rightly demand that they be given necessary training through a bridge course of an acceptable duration, and then practice as MBBS equivalents? You ranked very well in you UG entrances and missed MBBS seats (barring those who went happily) due to a lack of MBBS seats, in any case – at least that is the case of the people I have spoken to. I am sure most of you started out like the rest of us wanting to be “doctors” without thinking about the particular degree.

    You certainly possess the acumen – why not fight en masse and get your due recognition, and end this debate once and for all? Seriously, why on earth are non-MBBS doctors allowed to “practice medicine” without training in “evidence based medicine?” Would it be too hard to add a course of allopathic pharmacology to BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, etc? The country would get dually qualified people for the effort of one.

  53. DR.L.V.RAGHAVA RAO DR.L.V.RAGHAVA RAO Monday, January 6, 2014

    while agreeing the BAMS/BHMS/Unani?other systems of medicine now a days study same anatomy,physiology the main difference is in understanding the physiology,pharmacology, pharmaco- dynamics on which functioning of a drug, metabolism, bio availability, side effects, adverse reactions,drug interactions, etc. depends. In short, the prescribing person will be doing a great deal of harm to both the patient and the environment. In fact, many of the patients referred to secondary or tertiary centres are products of bad prescriptions by people ill equipped . Nobody has a right to play with another’s life.

  54. Dr snehdeep Dr snehdeep Friday, January 3, 2014

    I just want to say that our mission is to be high and only restore the health .sir i m a BHMS Dr but i have basic knowladge to treat pt by both the pathies in hospital case decision would be directed by consultant not by MO he just cordinate so i think its not a big matter .we have capabillity to save the health so plz dont underestimat us . We can do practice both pathies n we also invite to do homeopathy

  55. Nekib hussain Nekib hussain Saturday, December 14, 2013

    This is for all mbbs doctors…..are u think u r the best ………???no u r nt …….before comment u should knw da bams syllabus…..understand …….i passed hs with 84% … u think i m a fool??…. like other mbbs student we bams stdnt also read anatomy ..physiology..biochem….even we read ayurveda …this our extra knwledge …do u have? …i m a bams 1st prof student and i can prof urslf that i m far far better kwnldg then mbbs student 1st yr .. ….we learn the same mbbs course along with our bams course……thats y we give allopathy mdcn ….u abnrml sick person dnt try to fight wth us … challenged for u all md doctors …….actually we should write dual degree ……mbbs is only show .it should b like bams ..(bachlr of allopathy mdcn &surgery)……for try to look gud u people chng ur dgree splng…….one of teacher dr.chakrabrty frm guwahati earns 5 lac per mnth is nt joke ….he is equally best in allopathy and ayurveda …bt he prefers ayurveda and prcts it…..u people got 50% in h.s a seat by quota and say i m mbbs …….itna ahakar thik nehi he ….i m a muslim bt i learnd ayurvd ….i dnt think tht i hv less knwldg then mbbs ……..i m flng proud that i knw bth allopathy nd ayurveda……..try to respect bams …they hv equal knwldg as u …..

  56. DR.R.Ramkumar DR.R.Ramkumar Thursday, December 12, 2013

    iam finish electo-homeopathy bems ,allopathy practices panallam tell me sir

  57. Manish Kumar Thakur Manish Kumar Thakur Tuesday, December 10, 2013

    BHMS/BAMS/BUMS are equavalent of MBBS. SO any job (gov. or private) all should same value.

  58. G.Saikumar G.Saikumar Monday, October 28, 2013

    I am from A.P and I was amused to see an advertisement involving alternative medicine in a private TV channel where the treatment of Piles is as simple as giving ashwagandha for three days for those who is afraid of surgery. Allopathy guarantees care but not cure. Many claims of cure without need to undergo surgery are made by those practicing alternative medicine but still allopathy has grown in a big way.Anybody who has money is going to big hospitals like Apollo or Fortis.The need of the hour is proof of all claims by those with alternative degree in TVs and print media. How many got cured of piles by taking three days of alternative medicine treatment should be disclosed with evidence.Everybody should limit their practice to their degree be it ayurvedic or allopathic.The only reason behind nursing homes employing ayurvedic doctors is exploiting them with low salaries.In India, controlling bodies of Medical education or health care are easily manageable with money.Many nursing homes in A.P. are running without dury doctors with MBBS degree in casuality or ICU.Till now we have not heard of any hospital owner being punished by the government for this kind of fraud.

  59. Options Options Monday, October 28, 2013

    1. It’s high time that the government curb all medical practices that are not evidence based. All drugs and surgeries must pass the test of randomised blinded trials. Effective traditional and homeopathic medicines would gain irrefutable scientific backing while the useless or harmful ones would be discarded. Same is followed in modern medicine.

    2. Remove non-MBBS / non-BDS courses from undergraduate joint entrances. Make their admissions separate. That way a traditional medical aspirant would not ever be wrongly labelled as a failed MBBS wanna-be.

    3. Every practicing doctor should be a student of modern evidence-based medicine. Only those should be allowed to prescribe a certain drug, who have studied it in their curriculum. Allopaths should be barred from prescribing non-evidence-based medicines; non-allopaths should be barred from prescribing allopathic medicines if they didn’t study it.

    4. Traditional practitioners need to be given proper jobs commensurate with their training. If somebody wants to switch over to MBBS, then they should be allowed to do so within the first 4-5 years of passing BHMS or BAMS or BUMS, etc. by bridge training and a lateral entry entrance. They should undergo proper allopathic training before. freelyprescribing allopathic drugs.

  60. shailesh mahale shailesh mahale Monday, October 28, 2013

    Dear Respected Doctors,
    My self BAMS Vaidya practising Ayurveda(life science).
    I want to ask you sir why wr Indian have that type of mentality of get divided into religions casts community etc and now on Graduational degree WTF is this, pardon my lang. but I myself personaly feel that we should not divide ourself and get laid by other but get along and do improment in ourself.
    since this pathy is consern wit life it is always put to the test hence we should strive to make it perfect in everyterm.
    so its my humble request please stop critising our people world is watching us as next superpower .
    Thank you.

  61. robin robin Sunday, October 27, 2013

    i agree

  62. dhruv dhruv Monday, October 21, 2013

    why gun & fire all bullets on these existing practioner & their families, so extra burden from the earth will be reduced.? now all doctors are first a human not a doctor. after 17 years become a doctor
    think about this things

  63. Divyansh Divyansh Sunday, October 13, 2013

    Being an awared citizen of the country, I would like to analyse the problem from my perspective.
    There exists non uniformity in the medical facilities and treatment procedures in our country which is so diverse and inequal in its form and nature. Level of awareness is less among the society. Though the society is moving towards literacy path but to be an educated society will take more time. The laws,rules & regulation in country are reactive & guided to attain short goal without efficiency and effectiveness. Policies should be framed to attain long term goal by means of small goals. Overall the strategy should be proactive,invlusive & holistic in its quest to attain said objectives. AYUSH practitioners certainly lacks opportunities once they graduate in comparison to mbbs.mbbs needs to add speciality to have substantive earning in a country short of resources. If govt. wants to still promote AYUSH then it must provide ample opportunities for their absorption,sustainability and integrative medical infrastructure.

  64. dr.chandravadan dr.chandravadan Friday, August 9, 2013

    I agree with u sir. I am BHMS doctor from Maharashtra , akola region

  65. dr.m.ahmed basha dr.m.ahmed basha Sunday, July 14, 2013

    Mbbs doctor can do perfect treatment in govt hospitals?

  66. Karan Karan Saturday, July 13, 2013

    Dear all,,a,
    let’s accept the facts:
    1. An allopathy dr. has faith in modern medicine therefore opted mbbs. He should mention his degree in the area he practices. He should not use other means like unani,ayurveda,etc. Like is the with ayurveda,unani etc. allow patient for choosing the treatment type.
    2. Allow law to take its course. If anybody wants to change it ,use legal channels. Nobody has the right to function in clandestine or opaque manner.
    3. Knowledge is of no use if it is not certified. Eg. A compouder has more knowledge than ordinary citizen but it is not certified.
    4. suitable modification can bring uniformity in medical education. That should be our objective rather than justifying the degree we possess.
    5. Law enforcement in prudent,impartial & proactive manner is essential.

  67. jagadish jagadish Monday, July 8, 2013

    hello dr.guptha i see this today so commenting.
    1.when ur science was not yet born when we people were doing surgeries n treating so many complicated diseases ur a half knowledge dr. i m shocked how u able to passed out from Aiims nor all mbbs persons are half knowledge dr. u r science still accept sushrutha as father of surgery. mind one thing d science which was suppressed by mugals. portugals.dutchs.etc for more than 500years than also still survives but ur single drugs not able to surive more than 10 years. so we lost some continuation thats it y we are struggling a lot. but u people not have contributed single % all credit goes to physcis. chemistry. microbiology. engineering who invented modren instruments like x-ray. anaesthisa. chemical drugs. ur elder n an indian respect indian science first its only practised in india so encourage us with few concepts of modren medicines so that doctor ethics to cure patient. we have few area to work out but ur science as whole world research s going on from whole world but ayurved is progressing only in india so have respect n encourage we also learn all concepts as u people learn n one thing it s practicing in india not in pakistan atleast have patfiatic for ur nation n its science. we r more capable than u in practing n treating patients. i m expecfing ur reply my email id

  68. Dr sudhanshu Dr sudhanshu Saturday, May 18, 2013

    Doctor hoke treatment karna sikho,naki me mbbs hu wo bams hai ye pata karo.pehle logoke najarme ao,unka problem samjho,unko cure karke apna dharm nibhao,uske bad fakra se kehna me doctor hu(cahe tu jo bhi ho),ghar beth ke,MR aur Company se pesa leke galat prescribe karna kahaki insaniyat hai.hum logoga Aim yahi rehna cahie ki duniya se disease kese dur kiya jaye,pehle wo karo badme jhagda karna.

  69. Dr Sarfaraz ahmad Dr Sarfaraz ahmad Friday, May 17, 2013

    The supreme court judgement says a quack is a person who lacks knowledge of a particular system of a medicine but practises in that system. So to all mbbs fellows plz go and check the new syllabus of BUMS . In our syllabus we study all the subject that you study with additional subjects of our pathy. We have total allopathic pharmacology to study and during one year internship we do duty in an allopathic and in our own hospital. So in a way we emerge more organise than you mbbs as far as general practice is concern. And remember in the eye of law , an ayush and a mbbs is totally epuivalent.

  70. pragash pragash Saturday, May 4, 2013

    what is this we as a country are producing quacks it is no doubt thjat many ministers in maharashtra are having many ayurvedic , homeopatic colleges if this graduates want to practise let them practise ayurvedic or hoeopatic. unani medicine only not allopathic they dont have the right no wher in world they practise this thing even in germany where homeopathic medicine was discovered they dont do this things that is why many foreigners coming to india are telling that india is land of quacks the supreme court judgement is right , even this doctors are not allowed to write doctors in front of their names they have to write vaidya which is indian the hospitals employing this doctors their registration has to be cancelled and their accrediation has to be cancelled they are putting patients life at risk do you want to kill your people

  71. dr km singh dr km singh Thursday, May 2, 2013

    dear friends i read the views of mbbs and ayush doctor i just want to say that many people says many things please dont play with the life of any patient because pt come to you with faith and belive if you dont know the proper action and side effect of any pathy but in other hand it will life saving or fatal thanks for your views irealy enjoy the reading

  72. r A.Jeevan jaya r A.Jeevan jaya Thursday, March 7, 2013

    It is interesting to read the article.In most of the Govt Hospitls there are seperate wings for treatment of Ayurved aand Homeo system of medicines.It is open for the patients to choose which pathy of treatment they want.This problem as cited may not applicable in all hospitals but the Hospital using the services of BHMS and BAMS doctors for Allopathic tratment should be prosecuted as patients will not be able to know who is treating them.I find in most of the private hopitals located in Visakhapatnam city areas are engaging BHMS and BAMS qualified doctors for treating the patients in Allopathic medicines.These hospitals shoulde be raided by the Drug inspectors and should be prosecuted for cheating the public.Similarly the BHMS and BAMS qualified practioners should not be allowed to practice Allopathy in the interests of Homeo & Ayurvedic system of medicines.The purpose of their studying such courses becomes meaningless.They can atleast be given additional one year training and allowed to have registration in Medical council of India to practice in Allopathic medicines.

  73. Dr.pinky Dr.pinky Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    I m nt agree wid dis dcisi0n. . Totly wr0ng. . It means al india hospitals are doing ilegal practice. .ayurveda is d orign of mdicl science. . . .

  74. Dr.pinky Dr.pinky Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    I am n0t agree with supreme court decision. . Its totly a wr0ng thng. Ayush doctors are totly equal to alopathc. . .

  75. rakesh rakesh Thursday, February 7, 2013

    BAMS, BUMS and BHMS doctors claim to eliminate the diseases from the root and always say that Allopathy is bad so they must never use it.

  76. Pavani M Pavani M Sunday, January 13, 2013

    The doctors with MBBS or MD degrees are taking 10th class failed girls as nurses and private medical college is taking ANMs.There are examples of unable to read the spellings properly and giving wrong medicines. I am sure that most of the hospitals in any other small cities are following this practice.The government is framing many rules but their implementation is very bad.The hospital should have employees as per government rules.They should make available the list of employees to the local police or recognised voluntary organizations or patients on demand.

  77. P.Narayana Reddy P.Narayana Reddy Sunday, January 13, 2013

    Majority of those having ayurvedic or homeopathic degrees do not have opportunity to work in hospitals because the number of hospitals offering inpatient services are very few in our country. The fact that employing ayurvedic or homeopatic doctors is illegal is known to owners of nursing homes or hospitals. But they are simply not ready to give proper salary to MBBS doctors and so they are not joining.These hospital owners are busy in spending money on advertisements and quacks in villages who refer seriously ill cases to them.Now public should know that most of the RMP or LMP doctors other than the patient who had practical experience is referring to a particular hospital is doing it for commission only.Most of the hospitals do not display the names of MBBS doctors for public and this is done to cover up.For permissions,MBBS doctors nanes appear on paper but in reality the patient may not find any MBBS doctor in casuality or ward other than the specialist who admit him and see him once or twice per day.Many doctors employing these non-MBBS doctors are active Indian Medical Association(IMA) members.Unless there are fulltime MBBS doctors with competence,the patient’s life is at great risk.Somebody should file PIL against this type of practice because court only made the government agencies work in the past.I do not know any instance where the patient had gone to court for not getting the treament from MBBS doctors in allopathic hospitals.

  78. Dr Kunal Dinkar Kale Dr Kunal Dinkar Kale Saturday, January 12, 2013

    I think following points should be considered.
    1. BAMS is 100% integrated course to pass. if not prove it. consider question paper or syllabus to oral exam.
    2. If there is a problem about Prescribing medicine then consider this.
    a. say ayurvedic practitioner to go without antibiotic in emergency.
    b. say Allopathic practitioner to practice without serpentina in HTN.
    More than 87% of modern drugs are modified stage of traditional medicine only considered antibiotics are new drugs not mentioned by any means in tradition system. And More than 94% of Traditional medicine practitioner are using simply modified old drugs.
    see what is basic these people are using resources to treat people for better life. but the people related with this decision can not be considered human, because they are challenging the basics of life that if you become one degree holder you could not have another. it doesn’t matter you have better skill than previous. does it means ones you are Idiot always Idiot. Really these are not human being to consider just kept away these people from govt. system, otherwise next day they will say the Law graduate could not be considered for MLA and if it is so and previously listened then think how many parliamentary member will go home. and still if you don’t get it consider you are proving rejection of science. and humanity of your. As I believe every human Being could be act as Doctor if Knowledge with appropriate training is given by a body approved by law. MBBS is not actually that. frankly it is pressure of world bank with WHO to fund India passed in Govt. misused by MBBS or supporter. So it is not the war of knowledge or actual relief to the patient. it is the war of Pharmacy preparing products issuing knowledge and not taking responsibilities of safety to keep their brand safe.
    so in my opinion professional of health care should not allow to make private practice. He must be bound to follow govt. service.
    otherwise the Indians will go without health care. china will have more than 3/4 share (WHO 2012 report) for his traditional medicine. and you will see Chinese medical practitioner and Indian will attain it. As well as Chinese Pharmacy making drugs in India.

    I hope you can understand if you are a Indian.

    and not MBBS/BAMS/BHMS/BUMS.

  79. dr vivek kumar kejriwal dr vivek kumar kejriwal Wednesday, January 9, 2013

    this is really very bad that ayush doctors practice allopath. being a ayush (ayurvedic doctor) i prescribe modern medicine too. there are many views and laws ..but i want to make it very clear that there is acute shortage of MBBS(talented) doctors in rural as well as urban India. are they(MBBS) ready to serve poor people. i know many MBBS doctors who do not know correct spelling of many medicines like azithromycin. many MBBS doctors prescribe useless recipe of medicine which are interacting each other. ..many are prescribing medicines which are giving large earning at the compromise of quality…why not MBBS dcotors discuss all these. i admit ayush doctors should prescribe…their system of medicine…but what is wrong if he prescribes PPI (proton pump inhibitor) for hyperacidity and related disorders. i have read and it is fact that.. prolonged use of PPI may cause achlorhydria that may lead to other complications.MBBS doctors donot pay attention to real quakes that practice medicine without any knowledge in urban and rural India… because these quakes refer patients to MBBS doctors .on the other hand AYUSH doctors are competitors and real threat to MBBS doctors not patients.this is fact. on more thing any doctor whether ayush or allopath should be punished if he does wrong treatment. thank you…..

  80. Bhanwala Bhanwala Sunday, December 16, 2012

    Please file a PIL to stop these type of course after completing those student future is not secure due to underdevelopment of Technology and Ayurvedic science.

  81. RamanSingh RamanSingh Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    Thank you Dr.Shrikant Thakre.Your suggestion is unbioused,true,and non jelous.Your solution will be suitable for whole nation and poor people and the whole practitioners who are earning for their bread and butter. I want to add further that ,there should be scrutiny and evaluation of each practioners MBBS,BAMS,BUMS,BHMS,BDS etc.every year by Govt.about the effect of their treatment on patients,wheather their tratment( Medical or surgical and investigations) were ethical or non ethical.Is it not true that many surgeries are done without indication.Many drugs which are prescribed unnecessary.Many investigations are done unnecessarily.

  82. dr sunil singh dr sunil singh Thursday, November 8, 2012

    dear sir,
    mr gupta as you know that all the pathy has made for curing the ill patient . if any medico who belongs from any pathy if they treat the pt using the allopathy and they are not duly follow the syllabus of allopathy

  83. JoshIndia JoshIndia Sunday, October 14, 2012

    Dear Sudhanshu,
    U were very soft on allopaths by saying that they dont have any medicines for menstrual problems.
    But the fact actually is that allopathy has no “curative” medicine right from a normal general cough cold to cancer and AIDS .

    They have just two types of medicines ,first is “palliative” and second is “suppressive”.

    1)Palliative means – which gives temporary relief .
    eg. Pain killers -The biggest misnomer.Actually its name should be nerve paralyser ‘coz it just blocks the nerve from sending the signals to the brain which inform’s the brain about the pain. And the poor patient feel’s that he is relieved of the pain , but the pain again starts as the medicines power is used up . Then again the patient opts for the same thing . People are also so ignorant and uninterospective about themselves that they dont even think that inspite of repeatedly ressorting to the pain killer why does this pain reappear ?? .
    They will never ask this question to themselves.

    2) Suppressive means – These medicines suppress the disease which is, according to the nature, the worst thing that is done to the body .U are actually playing with the harmony and systemacy of the body .

    These people forget the basic law of energy that is applicable in the universe and thus to us that “ENERGY CAN NEITHER BE CREATED NOR CAN BE DESTROYED,IT JUST CHANGES FROM ONE FORM TO ANOTHER” .

    Now disease is also a form of energy (-ve enegy) ,if it is suppressed ,it does’nt get destroyed, it will just change its form from one disease to another and re-appear in some other forms .

    Now here the patient thinks that he has been out of the previous disease and the new thing that has appeared has nothing to do with the previous disease .This is altogether a new thing and again ressorts in the cluthes of the sophisticated butchers.

    By the grace of ALMIGHTY and my FATHER, our family has never been to an allopath for last 25 years and have not consumed even a single pain killer .

    We take only HOMEOPATHY medicine. My father has not taken any medical insurance cover as our FAMILY’S MEDICAL EXPENSE has never exceeded 1000 rupees .

    The great thing is that he has cured my asthama ,now it has been 14 years i dont have any problem regarding breathing .If i would have been on the mercy of allopaths ,i would have still be taking the inhalers and would never be able to play football,badminton,cricket .I also won district badminton championship ,when i was 15. now my age is 24 .

    Hope this would be an eyeopener for the people.

  84. bnath bnath Friday, October 12, 2012

    Ekbar silybus to dekho sir ji mbbs or bams ka….aap jaise bol rahe hai ki bams doctr dont knw anytn…mujhe lakta hay aap najanke ye sab ulta palta bams doc ke bare may bol rahe hay…aap jaise logo ke karan hamare des ka science kharap ho raha hay…one tin m teln u jst go nd c d sylibs of bams…ek patient thik karne ke liye diagnose ke jarurat hota hay aur medicine wo to koi ascha pharmacist v dey sakta ha diagnose ke baad….samja cum md…

  85. Dr.B P Trivedi Dr.B P Trivedi Monday, August 20, 2012

    About 30 % of Patient Ayurvedic Medicines used by MBBS Allopathic doctors,but they don’t know the pharmacology of ayurvedic drugs,and don’t know how they work in the body.My suggestions are, The study of Theory and practice of Ayurveda must teach for about 1 year should be compulsary in syballus for MBBS Graduates.More over, some body has comment that Ayurveda has no Anti-biotics. Its wrong, so many ayurvedic drugs like Sukshma Triphla, Trikatu, Gandhak rasayan,Haridra, Spthika ,Rashmanikya etc etc worked as Antibiotics.Thousands of herbal drugs can be used in place of Antibiotics and gets the better results in comparisation to Allopathic medicines.Also,I will explain you that Old BAMS(Bachelor of Ayurveda with MODERN MEDICINE AND SURGERY. The degree self evediently proved that they have sufficient knowledge of Allopathic also. Moreover most of the integrated BAMS doctor as declared superior in the practical fields in comparisation to MBBS.On the above facts came to the conclusion that complaxicity made by the govt.and the policy of the defective.It must be corrected.Here the question is,practising, working as RMO,Medical officer in Allopathic nursing homes etc, In my openion Its not a defame or wrong. They know well all basic fundamentals,and having sufficient knowledge of medicines also.can successfully performing there duties in nursing homes.

  86. Dr Vikita Brahmbhatt Dr Vikita Brahmbhatt Sunday, August 5, 2012

    Thank you so much for understanding this problem.You r absolutely right.AYUSH doctors doing allopathic practise only because of lack of govt jobs.govt has estblished the AYUSH courses but have not established right way to brighten their future.Either the courses should be stopped or should create opportunities for them

  87. dr hakimji dr hakimji Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    What about the allopathic doctors practising homoepathy??? What about the MBBS GP’S prescribing the ayurvedic, unani or homoe formulations taught to them thru the medical rep’s glib talk?? Dr Gupta, please wake up. Unfortunately, we have never tried to assimiliate what is best for us. Howver, we like to ape our ex Brtish rulers and believe that the system left behind by them is the best. Look at China, acupuncture has been assimiliated in their medical practise and surgeon perform surgeries using acupuncture anaesthesia.. Why is it that we have to have a separate deartment as AYUSH for our ayurveds, unanis, and homoepaths. Why can’t we have one medical umbrella for evevrybody. Why can’t we teach the basics of these sciences to all our undergraduate medicos and then let them decide where they want to go? Why can’t we have The AYUSH courses at the post graduate levels? Well, Ileave it to your conscience to decide what is right and best for our country.

  88. Akshay Akshay Thursday, July 26, 2012

    Then Why dont you practice Ayurveda only. Why You want to jump to use these Allopathy drugs with side effects and injections?The question is just practice the system you are trained in.

  89. dr sudhanshu upadhyay dr sudhanshu upadhyay Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    how many practitioners of allopathic system have gone through history of medicines? do you know, who is the father of surgery in the world? Dear, once you go through Sushruta samhita, you will find no modern surgical procedure beyond Sushruta’s Shastrakarmas. Even all the surgical instruments are mentioned there in Sanskrita terminology. Indian system of medicine was ruined by British, and you people, even government is nourishing that Lord Mackale’s aim. Ayurveda is very potent and we request you all to first go through Ayurvedic books and syllabus of AYUSH doctors before passing such disgusting comments. Of course, each system has its limitations, as allopaths can’t rejuvenate nervous system, liver and kidney. They have no medication for menstrual problems than to severely complicate the condition with hormones. Same as them we dont have antibiotics and emergency medicine. This is the natural law of symbiosis.

    Ham kuch bhi kahne se pahle modern anatomy, physiology, clinical & pharmacology padhte hain. Aap ham par comment karne ke pahle hamari books padha karen….. samjhe you all one eyed desi angrejo

  90. Arjoon Arjoon Wednesday, June 27, 2012

    Dear All. Kind attention plz!!!
    These is no Ayurvedic/ homeopathic/ Unani hospital of Govt. from where the students of these pathies get the training. They have to join hospital which practice allopathy after passing out. Govt. Gives permission to open colleges but point to note is that these is no single govt homeopathic medical colleges at least in other stated homeopaths have govt jobs and also they have govt homeopathic medical colleges but not in maharashtra. Today the scene is that after passing MBBS hardly any student go fot general practice other wise maximum students goes fot post-graduations and want to become specialist. If we become so strict about practicing own pathy in smaller villages and smaller towns you wont get MBBS doctors because they dont go to villages. You visit any small village you will find only DHMS/ BAMS/BHMS drs practicing there. And even they are many a time doing a good job for society. Even an uneducated people can directly ask for paracetamol/febrex/ crocin then why cant medical practitioner prescribe it because he has already learned it in hospitals when he was working there as rmo even if he has not studies it in his course.In old days people who used to work as compounder with any doctor for 5-10 yrs were allowed to have there clinics and they used to practice as RMP ( registered medical practitioner ). Then why there people are not allowed to practice as they have studies the same anatomy/physiology/pathology/surgery/toxicology/biochemistry/medicine which is studies by MBBS student. Only the medicines are different.

  91. Shrikant Thakre Shrikant Thakre Monday, June 25, 2012

    Practicing of allopathic medicin by BAMS/BHMS doctors is not today’s problem but it is problem from since last 50 yrs for this nature. BAMS/BHMS/paramedicals are not solely responsible,so many factors are there like policies by govt,.no clear cut practising guidelines for BHMS/BAMS/BUMS given by the institute who run such courses at the time of admission and no such bonding & this is the first step where these graduates turned to allopathic practice, another reason is that after passing BAMS/BHMS/BUMS these graduates join private hospital which is run by modern medicine practitioner for gaining experience or most of the time employed by these hospitals & last reason is that indian population,economical standards & literacy,Sudden stoppage or banning these practices is not ideal solution as per some thinkers it”s ok but this like a ” bigde hue bachhe ko ghar se bahar kar dena”
    I think few following suggestions for said problem to solve it
    1) trained these existing practising graduates for three years in modern medicine(as per BRMS course) with their own expenses & making compulsion to 50 to 70 % practice of own system.
    2)Give instruction to all institute who run BAMS/BHMS/BUMS/paramedical courses regarding practising guidelines for student at time of admission & write a bond regarding the same.
    3) start employment drive for these graduates in the respective field
    4) If above suggestions are not sufficient then say to govt.that please introduce these ayurveda/homeopathy/unani at PG level after passing MBBS degree or to stop courses
    & finally if all measure fail then took a gun & fire all bullets on these existing practioner & their families,so extra burden from the earth will be reduced.
    Think from both side,not from one side.
    Thank U

    Think from both side not from one side

  92. R. C.Gupta R. C.Gupta Saturday, June 23, 2012

    kya sare MBBS doc qabil Hote hain , Reservassion aur paise ke dum par pvt college se MBBS karne wale doc BAMS ke aadha aur Chauthai bhi nahi jante hain

  93. Dr.Pravin H Solanki Dr.Pravin H Solanki Wednesday, May 9, 2012

    Yes, We have to blame ourselves.

  94. dr.n.c.kothari dr.n.c.kothari Wednesday, May 9, 2012

    if govt control sale of bullet(life saving drugs) no one shoot on pt

  95. Bhaskar Chamoli Bhaskar Chamoli Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    It is true that pvt hospitals are employing Ayush graduates but it is not due to financial reasons but due to unavailability of mbbs doctors specialy in non metropolitan cities.the Rmo are only supervising the treatment.

  96. Dr. Ramesh Vardhan Dr. Ramesh Vardhan Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    t.i.i= this is india. plenty of laws , when it comes to implementation , no body is sure whom to approach . even among qualified doctors with degree in physiology , pathology , & other pre & para clinical degrees . they write only md with out mentioning the subject. even those with md in gen medicine write before their name cardiologist ( with out d m) , weather it is ayush or modern medicine , most of the doctors love to write all sorts funny & fancy titles in big bold letters. one more fancy thing about the doctors with diplomas – dgo | d ortho dvd working as resident doctors in medical colleges put huge boards i n front my their clinics as consultants , super specialists in joint replacement , spine etc. there no body check the abilities , skills , or the infrastructure & facilities . in small place i recently saw an add saying 150 beaded hospitals …….. promising all kinds treatments , that too with a borrowed names . any way we have to blame no body than our self for being born in this over crowed , greedy country . where the violation of law is a rule.dr.ramesh vardhan.

  97. Dr.G.Sampath Dr.G.Sampath Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    The article/reply by Dr.Gupta is very good. The comments given in the case “Prof P N Thakur Vs. Hans Charitable Hospital, NC, 16 August 2007” by the National Consumer Commission are note worthy.

    Apart from the comments made by Dr.Gupta the following points have to be kept in mind:

    1.Most of the students becoming AYUSH graduates would have earlier failed to get a seat in MBBS.They have a desire to become a ‘doctor’ at any cost.They always prefer to practice Allopathic medicine, but not Unani,Homeo or Ayurveda.This craze to become a private allopathic practitioner has to be curbed.
    2. With the aim of promoting Indigenous systems of medicine, AYUSH graduates are given government posts in some rural areas.This will encourage them to have private allopathic clinics in their free time.
    3.Various state governments have made it mandatory for the AYUSH graduates to have postings during their studentship or Internship at Government Allopathic hospitals.This is giving them confidence to practice allopathy in future.
    4.Some practitioners are completing M.D. in the respective AYUSH subjects.Later they are keeping the suffix of M.D. after their names (removing BAMS,BUMS or BHMS) and practising as physicians/specialists in allopathy medicine.Even educated patients are going to these doctors.In fact a comment heard from a highly educated patient was “Doctor! you are only an M.B.B.S doctor, but that doctor is an M.D. As he is not available today,I have come to you for a consultation”
    5.Public have to be aware of this.But many patients go to private AYUSH practitioners who practice allopathy with the belief that the doctor’s “hand” is good and my disease will be cured quickly.

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