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Cribs or Crabs

In the international scenario, it is not uncommon to see people of Indian origin at the helm of premiere institutes and organizations across the world. There are even many who have been elected to top political posts in their respective countries. We come across such news and names frequently. However, it is a rare sight to see a person being acclaimed and celebrated for his incessant and invaluable contributions from the humble facilities of our motherland. Dr Ketan Desai, who has recently been appointed as the president of ‘World Medical Association’ for 2016 is one such person!

Dr Desai was born in Gujarat’s Maroli village with no silver spoon in his mouth. His unparalleled efforts saw him become the youngest head ever in the Indian history when he was appointed the same of the urology department at B J Medical College in Ahmedabad, just after his graduation in 1983. Later he went on to become senate member of Gujarat University, president of Gujarat Medical Council, president of Medical Council of India (2001), president of Indian Medical Association and president of Dental Council of India.

His recent appointment at the international level was however marred with controversies. It was strongly opposed by a faction of doctors who want it scrapped on the grounds that he is awaiting trial for criminal charges of bribery and corruption. Rational thinking however fails to understand such demands because he was after all independently elected by an international body of the best doctors in the world. It is sad to see such prejudice for a person of his stature when nothing against him has been proved so far. Instead of cherishing such an event of national importance and drawing inspiration from it, the focus unfortunately has shifted more towards his alleged involvement. People should let the law take it’s course and refrain from derogating the name of someone who has brought accolades to the nation.

It is also possible that a faction of doctors within the Indian Medical Association is grouping up against him for the sake of internal political leverage. This angle of conspiracy can’t be ruled out because with the kind of success Dr Desai has enjoyed, he surely must have developed haters from many quarters within the community itself.

Finally to conclude, it must be said that it is no one’s business to question the legitimacy of a transparently elected position on whatever grounds. We are a democratic nation no doubt where everyone has rights and freedom of expression, but that doesn’t entitle anyone to manipulate public opinion and harm the dignity of another person. That being said, in today’s world where people are educated, aware and capable of weighing opinions it should definitely not be a problem and in due time truth shall prevail!

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  1. Arnab Deka Arnab Deka Wednesday, September 24, 2014

    It is heartwarming to know that an Indian is being appointed in such a noteworthy position. No doubt he is an inspirational figure for everyone.

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