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Pirated Privacy

Creating a new life — delivering a baby — probably is one of the most wonderful experiences that a woman can have. The excruciating pain, expectations, love and what not! Life comes a full circle! The beautiful experience of motherhood comes after complex physical and psychological changes. Yet delivery is the most private and innate essence of being a woman. And in that, a doctor is the most trusted companion.

As if the mobile phone has not already done enough damage to humans as a race, yet another deplorable incident of misuse of technology has left most of us questioning our future. The recent incidence of the filming and photography of a woman delivering triplets in a government taluk hospital at Payyannnur, Kannur without her knowledge and consent is completely unethical and condemnable. More so because reportedly no outsider was present inside the operation theatre and hence the onus lies on the doctors present there as it could not have been done without their permission or them being aware at least. What is even more shocking is the fact that these photographs have gone viral on the internet and on WhatsApp etc. Thus it is clear that there has been an unjustifiable negligence on the part of the doctors and medical staff of that hospital, even if it is claimed that the photographs were taken for academic training purposes, for neither any consent was taken from the patient, nor this could in any way have leaked on the internet otherwise. This incident is of tremendous shame to the entire medical community and human race in general. Not only intrusion of privacy but to publicise such private information for whatever perverted motive is completely unacceptable.

This immediately raises questions of safety and privacy of patients within a hospital, human rights and most importantly of a woman’s modesty. It is to be investigated if it was plain callousness or simply planned perverted pleasure or publicity in some psychopathical manner. It is very unfortunate that such a disgraceful act was committed by people in the noblest profession. Although enquiry has been initiated, there should be a push for immediate detention of all the people involved directly or indirectly in this grievous crime. And swift and strict action should be taken to punish the offenders so that no such incident takes place in the future. The medical community needs to condemn this incident in solidarity so as to uphold the integrity and dignity that this noble profession takes pride in.

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