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UK NHS may recruit 200 trainee doctors from India to serve in Accident & Emergency departments

London: About 200 trainee doctors from India may be recruited to address the shortage of doctors in UK’s Accident & Emergency (A&E) departments. The scheme will start in Greater Manchester, with 20 medics due to be flown from India this year for up to three years.

Under the new scheme, the NHS will pay £16,000 towards the training costs for each recruit, as well as paying their salary. The middle grade doctors would be placed in emergency departments for 2-3 years while completing their training in emergency medicine, before returning to India.

According to officials behind the plans, the scheme, backed by Health Education England (HEE), could be expanded in respond to widespread shortages of A&E doctors across the country, reports Telegraph.

In November a report by the House of Commons’ Health Select Committee warned that A&E departments need at least 8,000 doctors — 50 per cent more than the 5,300 currently employed — to keep pace with the rise in emergency admissions in the last five years.

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