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Andhra Pradesh government to track doctors’ movement through RFID

Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh): The state health department is considering a proposal to implement the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system to track the movements of government doctors and medical staff.

“We initiated the biometric system to regulate and monitor attendance, but somehow many are managing to flout rules, forcing us to consider a live monitoring system. It can either be GPRS or RFID, we are likely to choose RFID as it is foolproof and not hackable,” a senior official of the health department has been quoted by The New Indian Express as saying.

The state government doctors’ association has vociferously opposed the proposal to introduce the RFID system. “First of all, we are opposed to biometric systems and attendance-based pay for doctors. It is not possible for doctors to stick to the 9-5 schedule every single day. Are we animals to be tracked this way?” said AP Government Doctors’ Association secretary K Apparao.

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