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Short poem: How not to look old

Through this poem, Prof S Dwivedi tries to give a scientific solution to human desire to remain young all time. He explains: “This solution does not involve much cost, is practical and easily doable. The core message behind this short composition is to be away from tobacco, do regular exercise, be vegetarian, be positive in life and try to remain stress free adopting yoga way of life. These are the essence of present day American Heart Association, British Cardiac Society and European Heart Association. Let us imbibe these scientific principles in our life and remain healthy for long.”

Dr Shridhar Dwivedi
Dr Shridhar Dwivedi

How not to look old

Folk don’t worry,
Not going to prescribe any pill,
Few steps not raising your bill,
First stay away tobacco all kind,
Exercise must rein in weight tummy nil,
Vegetarian diet fruits nuts no frill,
Think positive stress free mind no kill,
Shall never look old face glow & gold I

Prof S Dwivedi
Senior Consultant Cardiologist, National Heart Institute, New Delhi
Founding Dean/Principal, HIMSR, Jamia Hamdard, Delhi (Retd)
HOD, Medicine, UCMS & GTB Hospital, Delhi (Retd)

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