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50,000 Indian doctors waiting in US for employment-based visa

Washington: Nearly 50,000 licensed Indian doctors working in the United States are waiting for legal permanent residency under an employment-based visa.

Dr Tarkeshwar Tiwary, a pulmonologist working at a hospital in central Pennsylvania, says the wait for a green card — a pathway to becoming a US citizen — is taking too long.

“What was promised to me was that if I intend to immigrate, I would be immigrating in a reasonable period of time. If I had gone to any other country, like Canada or Australia, I would have been a citizen much, much earlier,” Dr Tiwary has been quoted by VOA as saying.

One common path to permanent residency is through an H-1B visa. That visa is open to those with a “specialty occupation.” About 75 percent of all H-1B visa holders are Indian nationals. Most of them work in computer-related jobs. But a 7 percent per-country, per-year limit on employment-based green cards has increased wait times across all occupations.

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